Lifan X50 Ranks Top10 in Russian New Car Sales

Lately, Russian authoritative data analysis company AUTOSTAT released the latest sales statistics. The ranking list for the sales of new model from January to August comes to the public. Lifan X50, just entering Russia this June, stands out amongst many models and is listed in top10.


In Russian auto market which is contending of various brands, there are less Chinese models ranking top10 sales ever. Since launching in Moscow on June 25 and completely commencing with the substation launching over 30 cities this July, LifanX50 rapidly took an important part in Russian small SUV market. The completely upgrading product, the value participation beyond the expectation and touching advertising strategy just consist of a sharp combination blow, which drives the overall improvement of LifanX50 in the market.

AUTOSTAT said, besides the impressive fashionable appearance, for operation, the most surprising thing is the performance of chassis of Lifan X50. It has been calibrated by British top-class calibration master MIRA, and its stability of operation and comfort of riding are both satisfactory. Lifan X50 adopts Macpherson Front and rear torsion beam and trailing arm type for semi-independent Suspension. Its chassis has perfect integration and no inharmonious sense at all. It also has an inclination to comfortable suspension calibration. Its comprehensive performance is quite classy.

Lifan X50 is positioned as a fashion SUV that enables the new urban generation to develop diversified life. Personality fashion elements of the design language are injected to Lifan X50, which takes the high-performance safety and flexible operation as a starting point and makes carefree driving in control. The smart technology configuration makes the convenience and fun be switched by heart, refreshes driving experience, integrates brand new characteristics such as better passing ability and wider driving vision, etc. that current urban SUV has, and fully meets new demands of consumers to pursue diverse life fun and freedom of driving experience. LifanX50 is the brand new product made by Lifan Motors with global vision, which has launched in Iran and Russia, attracting a lot of attentions. Lifan Motors aimed at continual advancing branding and marketing by powerful product competition to drive brand awareness and achieve further sales.

The dimension of the car is 4100mm*1722mm*1540mm. 2550mm wheelbase and 208mm minimum ground clearance have guaranteed the spacious comfort and trafficability. As learned, LifanX50 releases two options in Russia. The price of the comfort version is 499 900p, equipping multi-function steering wheel, power window lift, reversing radar, electronic drive system and heating exterior rearview mirror. The price of the luxury version is 549 900p, adding navigation system, rearview camera, automatic sunroof on the basis of comfort version. Besides, LifanX50 CVT is also introduced to Russia. The price of the comfort version is only 589 900p. Since the launching, 1000 LifanX50 have been sold, and some cities have been out of stock, indicating such personalized SUV has attracted a lot of attentions.

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